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Tigereye has been on the leading edge of political online stores since 2004. We introduced the donation-based store model for our clients in the 2006 election cycle. The Obama campaign took notice and contracted Tigereye to build and operate their official online store in 2007. They used Tigereye’s unique integrated services to power an unprecedented fundraising effort, including a record number of small-dollar contributors who donated through the online store.

An online store is a great way to get your supporter base equipped with their own tools for advocacy while bringing in a previously un-channeled source of revenue to the organization. We recommend stores for organizations with a large, established base or groups centered around a specific hot-button issue. Stores require a fair amount of management and creative oversight from the client side, so we offer a few suggestions for maximizing returns:

How We Help

There is much more to do with an online store than simply building the website to handle your online sales. There’s order fulfillment, inventory control, warehousing and customer service. We take care of all these things for you.

  1. Building the store – We develop the online store to match your campaign’s existing website. Your supporters get a seamless experience when switching between the main website and the store site.
  2. Stocking the store – When it comes to promotional products, Tigereye Design is your one-stop shop. We work with suppliers from all parts of the country to provide you with thousands of various products to offer on your store.
  3. Managing the store – We take care of fulfilling orders, tracking inventory, warehousing and customer service. Online shoppers will have both an email address and a toll-free phone number to reach us.
  4. We get the orders, you get the payments – All payments collected from the online store run directly through your payment gateway. We have several options for collecting payments to meet your needs.

Online Store Tips

  1. Plan ahead. An online store is essentially a business within your campaign or group. Build a business plan including branding, marketing, staff and budget.
  2. Emphasize unique messages. What is your campaign about? People are more likely to buy merchandise with a lasting, transcendent message than just a campaign or union logo.
  3. Include merchandise in your marketing. Let people know how to get the products you’re offering. Use social media to connect web savvy supporters to the store. Offer a discount code to targeted supporter groups.
  4. Supplement the store with premium appeals. A well-placed premium item may whet your base’s appetite for other merchandise and boost your traditional fundraising totals at the same time.
  5. Keep it fresh. New designs and new products will give your supporters a reason to keep coming back to the store to make donations.